Future of the Economy: President Obama Should Appoint Mitt Romney Secretary of Jobs


President Obama won the election. An election is the start of participating in a democracy. Our country is the product of all previous decisions. All of us should be on the team for taking America and making it the brightest spot in the world; so bright that it lifts everyone across the planet. The road there includes Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney ran on a passionate belief that he knew how to create jobs. I think he probably does knows a few things. He's obviously smart and successful, and his concession speech also impressed me. In the way he received the loss I think he became a bigger man than he was the day before. Regardless of what you thought of Mitt Romney before; I was impressed.

Campaigns contort candidates into all sorts of odd positions. The Mitt Romney of the campaign is not a person I liked, but I think he was guided in ways to appeal to those he needed to reach in order to have a shot. I did not like the John McCain I saw in his campaign, but the few times I've met Senator McCain I have liked him. I believe Romney is a great person and now that the campaign is over he has a role.

In his concession speech I believe we saw the real man. Throughout the campaign, we saw someone passionate about creating jobs. He did solidly make the case that he knows how to create jobs.  

I propose that President Obama make Mitt Romney the Secretary of Job Creation. All day, every day, Romney can focus from morning to night on one mission; to create more jobs. To help craft legislation. To help scan through regulations. He can help pull bipartisan support for jobs measures. The country has a lot of problems and I believe Romney is part of the solution.

In a story, every great conflict has an untying. The untying happens when one character who understands the entire picture walks in and creates a release. Romney's speech was potentially the untying of many of the political problems we have had.  I think it helped set the stage for an improving America.

Mitt Romney. Secretary of Job Creation. Your thoughts?

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