Papa Johns John Schattner Cuts Employee Hours Over Obamacare


So Papa John’s apparently wants attention like a Kardashian with a sex tape.

In January of last year, eyes of all ethnicities were rolled when a Papa John’s cashier was fired after identifying a customer as, “lady chinky eyes,” on her receipt.

Recently, the paternal pizza parlor made nudge and wink news after spokesman Peyton Manning bought 21 franchises in Colorado the week before the state legalized recreational marijuana. Manning, now the Martha Stewart of the insider-stoner-trading world, made a very serendipitous munchie money making move.

Post-election, Papa John’s CEO John Schattner announced that the company would be cutting employee hours to offset future expenditures mandated by the Affordable Health Care Act. The proudly mediocre pizza will also retail for approximately $.11 to $.14 more.

Schattner was a Romney supporter who supports universal health care, but disapproves of the president’s bill to deliver it, saying, "The good news is 100 percent of the population is going to have health insurance. We're all going to pay for it." Schattner explained his decision as pragmatic, rather than political.

For a company that professes non-political ambitions however, Papa John’s is quickly on its way to becoming the next Chick-fil-A, as the butt of liberal jokes and shorthand for issue specific ire.

So, PolicyMic has to wonder if all this acting out is cry for help. Papa John’s, are you, um, having a hard time? Don’t worry, Sam Meier can give you a hug.