Secession: Why 311,000 Citizens From 33 States Are Asking Obama to Secede From the Union


As a great debate is beginning in America about what is best for our nation, I wanted to take a few minutes to explain how we got here. What has led America to the point where more than 300,000 people are screaming for secession (not "succession," that's how the vice president becomes president in the event the president is incapacitated). Let's talk for a moment about what these petitions really mean, and how we got this point in our history.

For years, decades even, America has been slowly travelling down a road to this point. The advent of new social programs every year, more taxes, and less income with lower value has been foreseen by a group of Americans for a long time. That group of Americans has been slowly growing, as I pointed out in a previous article about a voter revolution.

What has happened, though, is that the mainstream media has been avoiding this group of people. They have under-reported or never reported at all costs to their own reputation. And then came the millennials. This amazing group of young Americans has been instrumental in getting the message heard a little more each year. Since 2008, libertarian Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) has been the voice of the political youth of America. In 2012, we saw that exuberance manifested in the GOP primary, which resulted in Mitt Romney becoming the cheating, bone breaking, vote whoring, and ultimately LOSING political fraud that we all knew he was. Don't let the GOP masses fool you. They were NEVER excited about Romney. It's why Paul, Gingrich, and Santorum all hung around for so long. Everyone knew he would lose.

As a result, Romney managed to sucker in enough apathetic GOP voters to make the popular vote close. He almost pulled it off. Alas 90 million voters, many of them conservative no doubt, refused to turn out for the election. And they are not happy about the state of American politics. The media though, still chooses to ignore this independent group of voters. So what happens? A dramatic event invoking fears of civil war and capitalizing on the 2012 phenomena is just what the indy voters ordered. By filing the first petition, Michael in Louisiana put himself out there. He took a leap of faith that others, with like minds, would follow and protect him from any witch hunt. And follow they have.

It has been 24 hours since we first reported on the secession petitions at At the time of publication there were some 42,000 signatures for 18 states. There are now at least 33 states represented by more than 311,000 signatures, a 640% increase in a single day. Louisiana has joined Texas (63,000) as one of the states with the most signatures, with over 25,000 signatures.

Many commenters were obviously, and understandably, upset by the petitions. Some even ridiculed the signers as traitors. Personally, I think that is just plain hogwash. And you agree with me, don't you? Gary Johnson was right? You really are Libertarian. You just haven't figured it out yet.

The petitions are taking off like wildfire and can be seen all over the internet from CBS to PolicyMic to Yahoo. All across Facebook and "the" Twitter Americans are talking. And that, my friends, is why these petitions are important. They serve to bring a serious concern to the front burner of the hot stove that is American politics: not everyone is satisfied with the duopoly. Today is OUR day. Our voices WILL be heard!

For live signature counts, view Millennial Super Nerd Lance Ingle's website. He also has a blog.