Facebook Couples Page: Suddenly Facebook is No Longer Cool


There is nothing I love more than seeing sappy couples pledging their deep, undying love on Facebook. Facebook must feel the same way since they are rolling out their new layout for friendship pages with a special option for couples. Set up in a similar format as their friendship page, which gives a detailed overview of your interactions, how long you have been “friends,” and photos that you share with said friend, the "us" version does the same for people listed as "in relationships." Instead of just having these friendship pages, each couple can have an “us” page that they can customize like they would their own profiles. When did Facebook become so uncool?

When Facebook first became a contender in the social media world, it was a way to help college students connect and share experiences, photos, and events with each other. Now, you sign on to Facebook and are bombarded with invitations to play ridiculous games, promoted statuses and photos, and cleverly placed ads that are catered to your every Google search. That isn’t even touching on the over-the-top friends that post all kinds of crazy things. It is like a system overload any time you sign-in to catch up with a few old friends. It is annoying, and we are starting to see people slowly retreat from using their Facebook profiles as often.

It seems like millennials are less eager to use Facebook, and are moving towards sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to meet their social media needs. These streamlined sites have moved into the social media spotlight simply because they have stayed true to the original intents. Twitter allows you to tweet in 140 characters or less, Instagram lets you take and share pictures with the community, and Pinterest gives users the opportunity to create boards with links to things of interest that your followers can see. There is no need for the extra fluff we now see on Facebook.

As Facebook continues to grow as an empire, more of their loyal users are going to slowly migrate to less invasive forms of social media. Forcing couples to have creepy love pages that they can’t opt out of will only make people feel more inclined to stop putting their relationship status up, or just stop using Facebook altogether.