Siri’s shortcut app can now tell you your polling place and remind you to vote

A blue notification 'Get Out The Vote' on the Siri Shortcuts app

The Siri Shortcuts app continues to be Apple’s best new feature that it didn’t include in iOS 12. Not only does it let Siri secretly record video if you get pulled over, it can now also show you your polling place and send a reminder to vote on Election Day.

A new Siri shortcut created by Reddit user Mvoviri adds some Election Day capabilities to the virtual assistant. According to Mvoviri’s Reddit post, the feature piggybacks off of Google’s Civic Information toolkit to locate where you need to go to vote. After typing in where you live, an event will be added to your calendar for Tuesday. Contained in the calendar event entry will be the address of your closest polling place.

Xavier Harding/Mic

The first thing users see when they fire up the Siri shortcut is a warning screen, reminding the user that their address is their personal information. If you’d rather not hand your address over to the cloud in this way, the developer still makes the shortcut usable.

“Privacy is important, especially when Google is involved,” Reddit user mvoviri said in their post. “The shortcut gives you the option to skip the polling place locator and just add the calendar events and reminders to vote.”

Election Day will take place Tuesday across the United States.