Black Friday Deals: Top 5 Fashion Trends This Year


Consumer-gate 2012 is almost upon us. Black Friday’s been America’s biggest shopping day since around 2006. Last year, 81 million people were out digging through sales bins. Like Memorial Day traffic, this tradition of unavoidable misery gets us where we want to be—stocked up on holiday gifts and wardrobe staples.

With disposable income still at recession levels, it makes sense to take advantage of deals. Your best bet may be to stay home and shop online. But if your mother is still under the illusion that going out shopping together is fun, the best way to survive is to know exactly what you want, try on as little as possible, and be decisive. With that in mind, PolicyMic’s advice is to keep an eye out for on-trend items and avoid the dressing room at all costs.

Here’s our list of trends to grab and get out with.  

1)   Anything Oxblood. New York Magazine called it “the color of the season” but we didn’t need them to tell us. This color is everywhere. It’s on your coworker’s nails and Gap sweater sets. It’s red, tinged with rust. A dusty old-world wine—think European Chianti, not bright California Cab. We’re into it as an accessory. Look for a clutch, leather bracelet, or cozy beanie. No need to even wait in line to try on. Accessories always fit.

Image courtesy of Posh and Poished

 2)   Jackets. A man’s tuxedo jacket or Kate Middleton coatdress is classic and crazy on-trend. Reinvented capes, flower-shaped peplum ruffles, and tightly cinched waists are what to look for. Fashion critic Kathy Horyn is into “the long-sleeve popover top.” Horyn recommends it as, “A funky alternative to a blazer, it’s a different way to top off a dress.” Also no dressing room required; try on over your clothes.

Available on Etsy 

 3)   The YSL Classic Duffel has been declared the new “It” bag. Knockoffs will abound. Look for monochrome bags in a trapezoid shape with a flat bottom, and both hand and shoulder straps.  This bag is streamlined and perennial. Walk around with it as you browse to see how it feels.

From YSL

4)   Sheer Layers. Airy transparency, and peek-a-boo layers are making Rachel Zoe DIE. Look for loose button up tops and sheer skirts. Since these pieces are meant to be built around more solid items or other gossamer bits, you can eyeball sizes and buy a little big.

Image from Fash For Fashion

5)   Jeweled Collars and Costume Jewelry.  Bedazzled tie-on collars  instantly dress up the plainest sweater or tee. They’re one-size fits all, making them the perfect gift and dressing room line advoiding item. Big statement necklaces and cocktail rings are also still going strong. Grab huge costume stones in quirky shapes, and bright colors.

Image originally from Vasanti

If you find something you love, buy it in multiples. Giving the perfect gift to several people isn’t boring; it’s smart. Especially if you got it on sale.