This Week in Food and Travel: Wanna skip airport lines? Here’s which program is worth it


Delays at major airports around the U.S. made news this week when air traffic was grounded at New York’s LaGuardia airport as a result of the government shutdown — which may be coming to an at-least-temporary end thanks to government officials reaching a tentative agreement earlier Friday. And though the TSA may be getting back to normal, the usual anxieties about airport security still remain — did you give yourself enough time to get through security, hit Cinnabon and use the bathroom with a comfortable cushion of time before your flight boards? Luckily there are a number of programs that help you skip (at least part of) those annoying airport lines. But among PreCheck, Clear, Global Entry and more, it can be hard to decide which is right for you — so we broke it down this week.

We’re also exploring how to get rid of some other vacation worries, like work emails, by finding the best hacks to keep your inbox from interrupting your R&R. And no trip is complete without some pre-planning, so we’re getting you set for travel success by answering questions about how to save for your dream vacation without it putting a serious cramp in your budget, and which winter vacation spots are truly worth a snowy getaway.

TSA PreCheck vs CLEAR vs Global Entry vs Mobile Passport: Which program should you pick?

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Everyone wants to skip the line. Find out which program is right for you by seeing what each offers, how their prices compare, and the pros and cons.

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6 email hacks to get yourself through vacation without work stress

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