Stories That Pay Off: Why you’re not saving as much money as you think when you shop sales


The beginning of the year always has us primed to spend money. Armed with holiday gift cards and extra cash, plus the onslaught of New Year’s sales (and all those other sales that seem to crop up every January and February), discounts are calling your name from every store in the mall and online. But wait — are you really saving that much money when you give in to the siren song of 60 percent off sale prices at J.Crew and fill your cart with clothes you may not have even looked at twice when they were full price?

This week, we looked at multiple ways to save yourself money — whether that’s being more conscious of your sale shopping, lowering your medical bills, setting a 2019 budget you can actually stick to, or putting away money for the wedding you could have one day. Future you will be grateful you did your research.

Are you really saving money by shopping so many sales?


Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you’re shopping smart.

How to lower your medical bills, no matter the cost

Memory Stockphoto/Shutterstock

The arrival of a medical bill might seem like the final say in how much you’re required to pay, but there are ways to lower your costs.

How to set and stick to a budget in 2019


You vowed to “cut back” in 2019. Now what?

If you’re considering having a wedding at some point, start saving — now


Whether you started the new year with a partner or solo, if you’re planning on having a wedding at any point in your life, start saving now.