This Week in Food and Travel: 5 reasons Albuquerque should top your 2019 travel list


As much of the country underwent a deep freeze at the end of January, there’s no doubt that many Americans were dreaming of a trip to warmer climates. And though Albuquerque might not be quite tropical this time of year, we’ve added it to the top of our 2019 travel list for a few good reasons (including the chance to soar above the landscape in a hot air balloon). We explored five of the reasons you might want to consider New Mexico’s largest city the next time you’re daydreaming about a vacation while the wind howls outside.

If you’re up for a more international getaway, but not too far, we also took a look at the scene in Alberta, Canada, where Calgary and Edmonton provide quite a bit in the way of activities, dining and shopping. We also asked what happens when you don’t declare everything on your customs forms and found a few very easy ways to reduce waste when you travel.

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