Stories That Pay Off: The best way to handle tax season, whether you’re a pro or need help ASAP


Though Tax Day is still almost two months away, chances are, you’ve already started getting emails from your tax preparation service of choice urging you to file early. Taxes are often seen as a thorn in everyone’s side, but they don’t have to be — as long as you know the right steps to take. The first is deciding whether you’re going to go it alone with some software or hire an accountant to do the heavy lifting for you. The right choice boils down to a handful of factors, and this week we broke them down so you can get on your governmental obligation ASAP.

While taxes only come once (or a few times) a year, we grapple with other money decisions every day. This week, we provided a little guidance on how much you should be giving a food delivery person and whether tipping in cash or with a credit card is the best way to go in a variety of situations. And of course, there’s the common issue that comes up before you even get to the tip: how to split the check. We examined which financial conversations you need to have before embarking on any group trips.

Should you hire an accountant or do your own taxes?

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Do it yourself or hire an expert? That’s the question many of us tackle every tax season, and this guide should make it a little easier.

How to make sure your food delivery person gets a good tip

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With many delivery services facing scrutiny for their tipping practices, here’s what you should know to ensure that the person delivering your late-night pad thai gets the tip they deserve.

Should you tip with cash or a credit card?

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Cash may seem like it’s rapidly disappearing or becoming less important, but this shows that keeping some on hand for tips is probably the right thing to do.

How to manage group trip finances without nickel-and-diming your friends


Talking money with friends can be difficult, but trust us, you want to have these conversations before the endless Venmo requests come through.