This Week in Food and Travel: How to prepare for your first thru-hike


March is here and the imminent thaw of springtime is soon to be upon us. For most of us, that means turning our attention to the new season’s travel destinations and outdoor activities we’ve been shying away from all winter. Hikers out there are probably starting to think about what new (and familiar) trails they’ll be conquering as the weather gets warmer, and this week, we explored what first-time thru-hikers need to know to prepare. If you’re thinking about spending more than just a few hours or days on a hike, it’s the guide for you.

Depending on where your adventures take you (and who you go with), you might need some other advice for the parts of your trip not spent communing with the great outdoors. This week we also took a look at some of the best translation apps and which apps to download if you’re venturing solo. In addition, we explored just how much you’re supposed to tip when you’re dining in other countries — and the answer varies as much as the destinations themselves.

Everything you need to know about completing your first thru-hike

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Getting ready to head off on a months-long hike? Read these pro tips first.

5 top translation apps for travelers

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Don’t let a language barrier keep you from enjoying your vacation; these five apps can help you translate everything from street signs to menus.

6 apps to download when you’re traveling solo

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Traveling alone can be daunting, but these apps will help you find your way — and new friends, too.

How much to tip when you’re traveling abroad

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When (and what) to tip, based on your destination.