This Week in Food and Travel: 5 places where a layover can be a vacation of its own


Layovers take a lot of different forms. For many of us, they’re a frantic dash between gates, or a couple of hours spent bored at the airport, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you give yourself enough time and plan your connecting flights carefully, a layover can be a chance to explore an entirely new place or take advantage of some of the coolest airports in the world. This week, we explored five places where you’ll actually want to build layover time into your travel itinerary.

We also took a look at whether it’s really worth it to book a flight on a budget airline (because those extras can really add up) and which credit cards and banks will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to travel rewards. We also found a few shirts you’ll want to throw in your carryon that are perfect for layering, whether you’re headed out on a trail or taking to the skies.

5 cities where a long layover is actually a good thing


Think of these layovers as vacations within your vacation.

Is it worth it to fly on a budget airline?

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Cheap ticket prices are tempting, but sometimes fares really are too good to be true.

These credit cards and banks are ideal for avid travelers

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These credit cards make it easy for your everyday spending to count toward your next vacation.

6 travel-friendly shirts perfect for layering

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Everyone needs a few of these in their carryon.