This Week in Food and Travel: 4 work and travel programs that will help you leave the office behind


If you’re someone who spends every free minute looking for places to add to your list of dream vacation destinations, the idea of leaving a tethered lifestyle behind for that of a digital nomad can be quite tempting. But sometimes, it’s hard enough just to figure out the whole working remotely thing before you throw in travel logistics on top of it. Luckily, there are plenty of programs out there that will help you get off the ground, providing co-working spaces, destinations and lodging (for a price, of course) while you work, sightsee and get to know fellow digital nomads. This week, we took a look at four such programs that could be the key to jumpstarting a whole new way of life.

Of course, with all that traveling, you’re bound to get at least a little bit jet lagged. That’s why we also explored what to do before, during and after a flight to make sure you don’t succumb to napping your way through your itinerary. However, even without jet lag, travel can make you a little less alert than usual, so we found some anti-theft travel bags that will make sure your stuff stays safe even when you can’t keep a constant eye on it. Finally, we got out of the big city and found a few small towns that are worth adding to your list. At a max of only a few hours’ drive from some major airports, there’s no reason to miss them.

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From an oft-overlooked neighbor of Niagara Falls to a Belgian getaway for those who have already done Bruges, here are five small towns to add to your list that are still close to major airports.