Stories That Pay Off: These are the world’s most expensive cities


Ever wonder what your life would be like in a completely different city? Well, we may not be able to tell you what your day-to-day would be, but we can at least tell you what it would cost, now that The Economist has released its annual list of the most expensive cities in the world. Unsurprisingly, Singapore stayed atop the list, but this year it was actually tied with a few cities that jumped up in the ranking. This week we took a look at the list, along with the cost-of-living survey that determines it and reveals how much different essentials cost throughout the world.

Meanwhile, Tax Day is quickly approaching in the U.S., and while many see the reward of tax season as a well-earned refund, we took a look at why your check could be a little lighter this year, and why you might want to reframe how you think about it. In more tax talk, we also explored what to know about paying your taxes if your main source of income doesn’t come with a W-2. Finally, we went into how to prevent a worst-case scenario in your apartment (think break-ins and fires) from becoming even more of a financial burden with a dive into why you definitely need renters insurance.

These are the most expensive cities in the world

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If you think New York City is expensive (which, it is) just take a look at the cost of living in these cities around the world.

Why you should reframe how you think about your tax refund


A tax refund can seem like free money, but it’s more complicated than that, especially as new guidelines affect how much you’re actually giving the government.

What you need to know about paying taxes as a freelancer

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No W-2, no problem. Here’s how to make sure your taxes are totally taken care of if you’re living the freelance life.

Why you absolutely need renters insurance

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Renters insurance is often an afterthought, but if the worst happens in your apartment, you’ll be glad you made the investment.