This Week in Food and Travel: How to deal with a last-minute flight cancellation


This week, many flyers got quite the surprise when Icelandic budget airline WOW Air suddenly closed their cabin doors — permanently. Tons of travelers were stranded, either in airports waiting for flights that would never come or with tickets for future flights that won’t happen. While the likelihood of being stuck with a ticket from a suddenly defunct airline isn’t exactly high, most travelers will experience a last-minute flight cancellation at some point. To help you navigate that unwelcome surprise, we gathered some tips on what you should do when faced with a sudden cancellation.

As for where you may be flying, if you’re into rock climbing, this week we explored 6 destinations to add to you list. Or if all this talk of cancellation leaves you a little wary of air travel, we also took a look at what exactly you need to stock your car with before heading out on any road trips, and what to know if you’re planning on hitting the highways in an RV for the first time.

Tripped Up: How to deal with a last-minute flight cancellation

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Even if your airline is still functional, a last-minute canceled flight can seriously throw you off your travel game. Here’s what to do if you find yourself stranded.

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