This Week in Food and Travel: How to find affordable flights for all your spring travel

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Spring may have finally arrived, but as usual, April showers have us wishing we were anywhere but slightly shivering under an umbrella. Spring also brings two things that don’t always mix: vacations and tax season (unless you’re the lucky recipient of a sizable refund). That’s why this week, we explored how to find affordable flights no matter where you’re headed — along with how to find cheap trips to Europe specifically.

We also asked just how long a layover should be to ensure you make your connecting flight and got some very valuable advice on avoiding the dreaded cross-terminal sprint. Finally, we found the best ways to learn a new language before a trip abroad. Turns out, you probably need to start farther in advance than you think, but you can count binging Netflix toward your education.

3 ways to find cheap last-minute flights for spur-of-the-moment vacations

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When you just can’t wait to get away but don’t want to break the bank.

Why now is the best time to book a Euro trip that won’t blow your budget

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Some of the lowest flight prices in years are yours for the taking, especially if you follow some very simple guidelines.

How much time do you really need for a layover?

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No one wants a too-tight layover to cause additional travel stress.

How watching Netflix can actually help you learn a new language


Give the old school flashcards a rest for a bit and use one of these methods to learn a new language instead.