Stories That Pay Off: 8 tips for organizing your Gmail inbox that just might change your life


Wake up, check your phone, panic about the growing number of unread messages in your inbox, repeat? Not necessarily. Organizing your Gmail inbox is actually a lot easier than Kondo-ing your closet, and you’ll reap in a ton of digital rewards. That’s why we’ve gathered eight tips for dealing with that inbox so you can start next week fresh, filed and ready to reply.

Once that inbox is all organized, you can move on to your bank account, and we’ve uncovered the hidden costs of buying a home. Saving for a downpayment is challenging enough, but unexpected fees and one-time expenses also add to how much cash you’ll need before you can officially become a homeowner. Meanwhile, if you’re still owed some coin by that flaky friend who promises to Venmo when you front the bill but never does, we also have advice on how to get them to actually pay up. Finally, if all this talk of organization and money has you needing a break, we found the best places to find PC games on sale.

8 tips for dealing with the overwhelming mess that is your Gmail inbox

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Your inbox may be overwhelming, but it shouldn’t control you. Implement these tips to regain control over all those messages you’ve been meaning to reply to.

Hidden costs of home buying go way beyond a down payment and mortgage

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So you’ve saved up enough for the down payment on your first home, congrats! That’s major. But you’ll need more than just the percentage you’re putting down to cover fees, repairs, inspections and the other lesser discussed costs of home ownership.

How to deal with that friend that says they’ll Venmo you, but never does


You’ve heard it repeatedly when picking up the tab, but what if that “I’ll Venmo you” is more of a wishful suggestion than a promise? Let us help you get reimbursed by that friend who tends to forget their IOUs.

Where to find the best sales on PC games like ‘The Sims,’ ‘Subnautica’, and more


You can’t use a cheat code on your real-life bank account, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend all your hard-earned money on games that should be helping with stress, not inducing it. Here’s where to get “The Sims” and more on sale.