Stories That Pay Off: How to get paid for freelance work on time, every time

Close up of a pair of hands, working on an invoice on a laptop.

If you’re a freelancer, no matter the industry, chances are you’ve dealt with late payments at least once in your career. But whether that check is a week, month, or year late, if you’ve done the work and filed your invoices, that money belongs to you. So how do you get it? This week we took a look at some of the best strategies for getting what you’re owed — as well as a music video that captures exactly how it feels.

We also explored what Elizabeth Warren is proposing to do about college tuition and student loans if she’s elected in 2020, because it would mean big things for anyone still paying off their education. We also talked to the co-founder of Blueland about how reusable bottles and eco-friendly tablets can completely shake up your cleaning routine. Finally, we got the rundown of the best screen protectors for your phone — and they’re much cheaper than replacing a cracked iPhone.

A freelancer’s guide to getting paid on time


Chasing payments? Here’s what to do when your invoice should have been paid a while ago.

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to wipe out debt for 75% of Americans with student loans

Elise Amendola/AP/Shutterstock

The Massachusetts senator wants to make almost all student debt a thing of the past.

This startup wants to eliminate single-use plastic by replacing your Windex with a tablet

Courtesy of Blueland

Step away from the spray bottle and check out what Blueland is doing to make cleaning products more sustainable.

The best screen protectors for keeping your phone just-out-of-the-box fresh

Nor Gal/Shutterstock

These will protect your phone from smudgy fingers, dust, dirt and anything else that threatens your screen clarity.