Cyber Monday Deals 2012: 10 of the Best Sites for Deals and Savings


Everyone loves a good deal and this weekend is the time when the sales explode; and internet sales are no exception. With Black Friday starting in some places as early as Thursday night, deals online are going all week. Monday is certainly not the only day that people can shop online, but sites like Amazon certainly take advantage of the high traffic brought on by Cyber Monday. Here are 10 sites that are worth checking out, to find the best deals and prices for your Cyber Monday shopping.

1) Amazon

Everything is here. You can basically do all their holiday shopping on Amazon, spending hours on the site or if you know exactly what you want, only a few minutes.

2) Ebay

For those that prefer to bet on that new stove, or want a deal on anything else, Ebay is the place to go.

Anything you want is here for a great low price. Mattresses, sofas, clothing, make up, and more can be found here.

4) Zappos

A great place to go for clothing, shoes, and accessories along with appliances and home necessities.

5) Plastic Jungle

This is the best place to go to find deals on gift cards. You can buy and sell gift cards on the site, which makes it a great place to go for a bargain. This is also a great starting point, for those that want to buy gift cards but don’t know where to start.

6) Slickdeals

Slick Deals is the place to go for those that want great prices on designer brands and labels. The site posts daily deals on what is most popular and the best deal.

7) Price Grabber

This is a comparison shopping site that searches online retailers to give you the lowest price.

For bargain deals, this is a great site to look through items and find deals on tech accessories and computer supplies along with many other items.

9) QVC

Find the best deals for things like home needs, beauty, clothing, electronics, and more. QVC is a home shopping network that caters to mostly women.

10) Rue La La

This is a members-only shopping site. Shop for brand-name clothing, accessories, and more at special members-only prices.

Online shopping is part of today’s culture and everyone takes part it in in some way or another. One can always find a good deal online, rather than in store. Always remember to be cautious sharing credit card information online and if something sounds suspicious, don't do it.