Ron Paul Retirement: Paul Should Be Honored On Mount Rushmore, Thinks One Business Leader


Steve Forbes, the publishing executive and two-time candidate for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party, wrote on Forbes, "if there were a Mount Rushmore for formidable defenders of our freedoms, sculptors would already be chiseling in the likeness of retiring Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas)."

The libertarian-leaning 2012 Republican presidential candidate, who is retiring from Congress and planning a college tour in 2012, was praised by the Forbes columnist and editor-in-chief as someone who has made sound money "a respectable subject for debate."

"Paul understands the profound truth that a gold-based currency is critical for preserving liberty. Funny-money policies are a form of government coercion, allowing authorities to arbitrarily change the real value of transactions," Forbes wrote. 

Here's Forbes actual tweet:

Paul made sound money a centerpiece of his 2012 presidential run, a message that resonated with libertarian-leaning conservatives and was decried by Democrats and the establishment wing of the Republican Party which described the Texas congressma's call for "ending the Fed" as extreme; not Forbes, who continued to praise Paul in his op-ed: 

"Sound money [...] promotes prosperity and undergirds the rule of law. Four thousand years of experience conclusively proves that gold, to which our dollar was tied for 180 years, is the best preserver of a currency’s value," he said.

"Though he’s out of elective politics, Dr. Paul’s voice will still be heard, which will hasten the day that the dollar is once again linked to gold," Forbes concluded. 

A tweep who doesn't agree:

Do you agree with Forbes: