Chris Christie 2013: Poll Says Christie Would Crush Cory Booker For NJ Governor


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would crush Newark Mayor Cory Booker in a hypothetical 2013 match up for the governorship of The Garden State, reported Politico

A Rutgers-Eagleton Institute of Politics poll found that Christie, who's seen his approval rating go through the roof thanks to his handling of Hurricane Sandy, would defeat the popular mayor — and probably his toughest potential Democratic challenger — 53% to 34%, with 13% of respondents saying they wouldn't pick any candidate. 

Christie, who drew Republican ire by praising President Obama's response to Hurricane Sandy in the days leading to the presidential election, and appeared on NBC's Saturday Night Live where he cited Obama's top surrogate Bruce Springsteen, recently announced his intention of running for reelection as New Jersey governor in 2013 — citing the need of leading the state's recovery efforts after the devastating super storm.    

However, as Sandy becomes a thing of the past, Booker could catch up on Christie's popularity. The Newark mayor is also a rising star in national politics due to his super hero-like antics, such as when he rescued one of his constituents from a fire, offered local victims of Hurricane Sandy to stay at his house, and accepted the challenge to live on food stamps for a week to highlight the struggles of low income Americans. 

But, for now, Christie's larger-than-life national persona seems to be crushing Booker. Even his fans think so:

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