Bobby Jindal Creationist Bill Ruled Unconstitutional by Louisiana Court


A Louisiana judge struck down on Friday Governor Bobby Jindal's (R) creationist voucher program, which would have channeled millions in public money to some of the state's private educational institutions that teach anti-evolution theories — reported Reuters

But while State District Judge Tim Kelley ruled the voucher program unconstitutional, he didn't order to stop it just yet. This will permit that about 5,000 students, who are currently receiving vouchers that cover tuition and fees at private and parochial schools will continue with their religion-oriented education. 

Jindal, the program's champion, called the ruling "wrong-headed" and "a travesty for parents across Louisiana who want nothing more than for their children to have an equal opportunity at receiving a great education." He also vowed to appeal, while John White, Louisiana's superintendent of education, said, "we are optimistic this decision will be reversed." 

Governor Jindal, who was mentioned as a potential running mate for the failed presidential bid of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and is also touted as one of the 2016 potential Republican presidential hopefuls, has been raising his national profile by calling on the GOP to be more inclusive with immigrants. 

However, his creationism stance seems to be in tune with that of another potential GOP presidential hopeful Florida junior Senator and Tea Party darling Marco Rubio who recently stepped into controversy after claiming not knowing how old the Earth is.