Kate Middleton Morning Sickness: Hospital Phone Prank By Australian DJs An Invasion of Privacy


Twitter went into meltdown the other day following the news that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was admitted to the hospital due to sever morning sickness and is pregnant with a future head of state.

Now I don't mind a good bit of monarchy bashing in the same way that I don't mind bashing of a lot of public figures (it's the thing that makes democracy ticks, after all). Monarchy bashing is fine, insofar that it is done in good taste.

As owner of possibly the most famous womb in the world and the wife of a future head of state, it is quite natural for a lot of people to be interested in the duchess' medical condition. But it is quite shocking that a pair of Australian DJs from the program 2Day decided that Wednesday was a good day to make a prank phone call to the hospital Middleton has been admitted to, pretending to be the queen— an act which clearly has no regard for the patient.

The 2Day DJs in their prank asked to speak to Middleton. They were then put through to the dutchess' private nurse.

The nurse replied to their questions, providing some private details on Middleton's well-being and saying: "She's sleeping at the moment and has had an uneventful night, she's been given some fluids, she's stable at the moment."

She added: "[Prince] Will went home at about 9 o'clock last night.

"She's quite stable. She hasn't had any retching with me and she's been sleeping on and off.''

See for yourself:

The two DJs have since apologized for their stunt, admitting that they didn't think they would get through and that the number was quite easy to find on Google.

Judging by the response, it is clear that the stunt has divided opinion; some thought it was quite funny and the monarchy deserves it, others thought it was bad taste and not only are the DJs at fault, but also the hospital for allowing that call to get through as well.

But whether or not you are a monarchist or a republican, I am sure that everyone would agree with me on this: Forget for one moment that this is the expectant mother of a future king or queen who will possibly be more famous than Jay-Z and Beyonce's child, strip all that away and you get a woman in the early stages of pregnancy who is incredibly ill, and I think we can all agree that any expectant mother irrespective of wealth, fame or status is entitled to a healthy and stress-free pregnancy.

Tuning into a few radio stations, it's been interesting to see the responses; Christian O'Connell from Absolute Radio said on BBC Radio 5 Live that he thought it was quite funny, a bit tasteless (no British DJ would've dared do something like that) but recognized it in good humour. He even admitted that his boss e-mailed him the clip with the e-mail "why didn't you think of doing this?"

On the other hand Julia Hartley-Brewer from LBC disagreed, citing that she also had severe morning sickness and has herself miscarried four times. 

In the worst case scenario, what would've happened if that nurse divulged that the duchess had a miscarriage? Was there any concern from those DJs about that possibility? Judging by the jocular nature of their broadcast clearly not.