Hillary Clinton Polls: 57 Percent of Americans Support 2016 Presidential Run


After New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested her to succeed him as the leader of the Big Apple, new ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 57% of Americans would support a 2016 presidential run by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reported CNN

Clinton, who has stated her decision of not seeking public office once she leaves the state department, is opposed by 37% of Americans who said they wouldn't support a hypothetical presidential run by Hillary if she changes her mind and decides to throw her hat in the ring. 

And they may have nothing to worry about, as Madam Secretary seems firm in her intention of focusing on her life as a private citizen once she leaves the high profile post in the Obama administration. 

"Look, I'm flattered. I am honored [...] that is not in the future for me, but obviously I'm hoping that I'll get to cast my vote for a woman running for president of our country," Clinton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer recently. 

However, as more favorable surveys come out regarding a potential Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential bid the pressure will undoubtedly grow on the secretary of state to reconsider her decision of staying out of the political spotlight. 

The ABC/WaPo poll, however, shows a considerable gender gap — with 66% of women supporting a potential White House run by Clinton, while just 49% of men would do so.

In addition, the obvious partisan divide splits potential voters between 73% of Democrats who would support Hillary in 2016 versus only 23% of Republicans who would back the former first lady. 

The phone survey was conducted between November 28 and December 2 among with 1,020 adults nationwide, with an overall sampling error of plus or minus four percentage points.