Adam Lanza Shooting: The Only Way to Stop a Psycho is With A Gun


Gun control laws have nothing to do with psychos going on a rampage. The defenseless and the innocent in gun-free zones are sitting ducks. The sub-human scum that stormed the Sandy Hook Elementary School was not met with any defense, other than extreme bouts of bravery and love.

But bravery and love cannot stop a psycho on a rampage with a .223 caliber Bushmaster rifle. They need to be met with bullets. A slug from an administrator’s .38 special to the cowards’ face would have stopped this tirade. We are at war with insanity and senseless violence; we see and hear it daily. We are but sacrificial lamb when there is no protection. Self-preservation and survival is inherent in man. By the time the police get the 9-1-1 phone call, the massacre is already underway. We need a first line of defense.  

The gutless punk who shot up Sandy Hook Elementary was denied a firearm three days earlier because he didn't want to undergo a background check or abide by the state's waiting period for gun sales, the officials said. The criminal-minded will always find a way to get their hands on a weapon, and if not a gun then a pipe-bomb, and so on.

The real problem here is one in human consciousness, not gun control. Maybe it’s all of the drugs that have been pumped into our children that develop these psychotic tendencies, maybe it’s the video games that warps their brains, maybe it’s an issue of low self-esteem, neglect, and ignorance. Either way, the problem with our society needs to be met head-on. Not by promoting the taking away of our constitutional rights, which apparently is on our president’s agenda. We cannot trust a president who wants to take away our rights as Americans to defend ourselves.

The Second Amendment was developed as a result of the tyrannous rule of the British parliament to provide defense through the ability to raise and support militias. We have the right to defend ourselves from evil. Our children are under attack, the innocent are under attack and we, as Americans, cannot afford to lose our rights to defend ourselves from the evils in society. The mainstream media pushes whichever agenda they are fed. They cannot and never could be trusted. This is nothing new, the same seven stories run all day on different stations.

It’s a big world out there, but we rarely hear of U.S. drones killing thousands in Pakistan, hundreds of which are children. Isn’t anybody outraged that the Obama administration is arming and sending military gear to Al-Qaeda to help topple the Syrian government? Al-Qaeda? Weren’t they the ones who flew into the towers? Our president and his owners are traitors to our country. We have become a nation of dolts by allowing the media to dictate our thinking. What kind of agenda would leave us as defenseless citizens? Strap-up America and defend yourselves, along with your rights as Americans.