'Girls' Season 2 Premiere: 5 Things That Should Happen in Season 2


The tagline for Season 1 of HBO's Girls is "Living the dream one mistake at a time." Judging by the trailer for Season 2, the characters are making fewer mistakes this time around, a big relief given series heroine Hannah's talent for creating problems and spreading negativity.

Though the drama is amusing at times, I'd like to see a little more stability from (most of) the characters this season. Here's what else should happen on the show before the end of season 2:

1) Hannah needs to get a job already ... and keep it.

Season 1 opens with Hannah's parents cutting her off financially, as she is a couple of years out of college and has no excuse not to be earning money. Upon leaving her unpaid internship, which she's held for a year, the aspiring writer lands a full-time job working for a creepy creep boss who takes pleasure in massaging her neck. Hannah unsuccessfully makes a move on him, prompting her to quit on the spot out of embarrassment. She hasn't been employed since, and as any NYC-area resident knows, this simply isn't acceptable.

Hannah's refusal to maintain a job or pay her own bills isn't cute. If Dunham wants her character to evolve or grow, Hannah needs to pull her big girl pants out of the dusty drawer and get back to work.

2) Marnie has to accept that she's going through a rough patch.

Last season, Marnie was the one person in the entire Girls group who seemed to have everything: a position at an art gallery, a boyfriend, gorgeous looks, a calm demeanor, nice clothes, etc. As you can see in the season 2 trailer, however, she's now without a job or a significant other, and her mother says she looks 30 years old. Though she still has the style of a "real housewife," as her ex-boyfriend's new flame points out in season 1, she's hit rock bottom by her personal standards ... and she should embrace it. Being perfect all the time is overrated!

3) Jessa should learn her husband's address.

Jessa ties the knot seemingly out of nowhere in the Season 1 finale of Girls. we learn in the trailer for Season 2, she doesn't even know her spouse's address after they get married. She should probably get on that...

4) Shoshanna should go to a party without getting cracked out or stripping.

Because it stops being funny after freshman year of college.

5) Adam needs to get lost.

Girls has received ample criticism for the messy relationship between Adam and Hannah. Season 1 introduces Adam as Hannah's workout-obsessed hook-up buddy who likes to say incredibly bizarre things mid-coitus and boss her around. They eventually start dating exclusively, but when he tries to get close to her, she pushes him away, triggering his angry side.

He apparently tries to win back her heart in Season 2, but Hannah is skeptical because she once thought he was "murder-ey in a sexy way" and is now worried he's "murder-ey in like a murder way." Probably a sign that she should avoid him at all costs no matter how much he grovels or tells her she's the best thing in his life.

Besides, it looks like she has a new guy in Season 2. Pretty much anyone is a step up from perpetually enraged Adam, so I'm hoping Hannah will pull a Taylor Swift and say they are never ever ever getting back together.