Golden Globes Party: Beverly Hills Hilton Releases Recipes for Golden Globes Awards





Grilled Artichoke on Frisee served with Fennel Tomato Lemon Mousse 

4 Baby Artichoke, cooked in boiling water, cut into half, and then grilled  

8 Red Endive leaves cut into halves. Tips are for presentation. Bottom cut julienne  

4 Dried California Pear - small pieces, cut julienne   

2 oz. Goat Cheese sliced ½ oz per serving  

2 tablespoons California Honey 

1 teaspoon Black Pepper       

2 oz. Yellow Beet – cooked and sliced     

4 oz. Wild Arugula     

2 oz. Frisee     

8 pieces Smoked Dried Tomato    

3 oz. Kabocha Pumpkin - puree 

1 ½ teaspoons Mascarpone        

1 Micro Basil        

4 Pie Shell, pre baked, cut triangular shapes 

2 tablespoons Fennel Tomato Lemon Mousse  

2 fl oz. California Extra Virgin Oil    

Salt and pepper  

Fennel Tomato Lemon Mousse:  

2 ½ tablespoons Homemade Mayonnaise    

1 teaspoon Fennel Seeds, lightly heated then ground  

2 teaspoons Tomato Coulis     

1 tablespoon Whipped Cream    

1 whole Lemon zest      

Salt and pepper    



Kabocha pumpkin smoked dried tomato tart: 

3 oz. Kabocha Puree - peeled and seeded then steamed  

1 ½ tablespoons Mascarpone      

1/3 teaspoon Lemon Juice      

8 pieces Smoked Dried Tomato    

4 Triangle Pie shells    

1 (little) Micro Basil     

1 ½ teaspoons California Extra Virgin Olive Oil   

Salt and pepper 




Pepper Honey Goat Cheese - Marinate goat cheeses with pepper honey mixture overnight. 


**Plate all 4 components according to your most desired position. 



Smoked Flat Iron Steak with Sweet Pickled Mini Pepper 

California Olive-Orange Marinated Pacific Sea Bass with Caramelized Mint Fennel 

Serves 4 



Smoked Flat Iron Steak 

12 oz. Smoked Flat Iron Steak (3 oz. per serving) 

2 whole Mini Sweet Peppers (cut in halves)  

1 cup Water 

1/3 cup Sugar 

½ cup Vinegar 

1 tbsp White Peppercorn 

2 tbsp. Salt 

3 tbsp California Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

6 oz. Cherry Wood 

1 oz. Mixed Dried Herbs 

Salt and Pepper to Taste 



Pacific Sea Bass 

12 oz. Pacific Sea Bass (3 oz. per serving) 

1 ½ cups Fresh Orange Juice 

3 tbsp California Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

1/3 cups Sugar 

3 tbsp White Balsamic Vinegar 

½ cup Vegetable Stock 

2 tbsp Fresh Mint 

1 slice Fennel 

Salt & Pepper to Taste