Lena Dunham Acceptance Speech Golden Globes 2013


Girls, just won for best television series in a comedy. I'm feeling so awesome. It's like the 90's with Girl power and all of that fabulousness. All I need now, is like the Spice Girls to come out and sing on stage...But alas, that's all in my head. 

Girls was up against The Big Bang Theory (who I was rooting for), and Modern Family

weird thing that just happened: so Jennifer Garner who is a presenter and current spouse of Ben Affleck who just won for Best Director announces that her husband had forgotten to thank a few people- George Clooney and someone else...But it was so weird, because the camera had just zoomed in on Ben Affleck who seemed to mouth the names of the people to his wife, as if she couldn't do it on her own...That was really, really odd...

 Conspiracy Theory: