Paul Ryan, Beyonce and Jay Z's Awkward Inauguration Moment (+PHOTO and VIDEO)


One of the most shared (and awkward) images from President Barack Obama's second inauguration is the one that shows 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan kind of stuck behind Beyonce and Jay Z — two high-profile Obama supporters, one of which even performed the national anthem after the president's oath.

It is hardly a secret the animosity that surrounded the divisive 2012 presidential campaign, where both Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan of Wisconsin rallied against Obama's first term policies stopping short of assuring the president was out to intentionally destroy America (and the president framing Romney as a corporate "vampire" careless about the needs of 47% of Americans).

And, as it's usual, the volatile nature of the 24-hour cable news networks and blogs framed the confrontations in terms of political vision, class and even race (not to say Ryan is racist, he after all dated an African American Democrat while in college); nonetheless, the image was particular and it will probably come down in history as one of the most remembered from Obama's second inauguration.