BlackBerry 10 OS Interface: New Operating System is Clear Than iOS


The highly touted BlackBerry 10 OS has been released to the public. Lets take an indepth look at what this new operating system has to offer.

First is a completely redesigned interface. Gone is the dolomite black of the old BlackBerry, in with the new suave blue purple motifs. 

A familiar window to most smartphone users, login to your BlackBerry ID 

Quick and simple software update is clearly the best feature of BB10. Gone are the days of 2 hour download / update processes.

BB10 has a slew of new gestures borrowed from its PlayBook devices. It remains to be seen if these gestures help or hinder the user in the future.

Since the gestures are not discoverable or even natural (swiping from off the screen is seldomly used anywhere) these videos are crucial.


One can see here that the gestures are coming from the BlackBerry logo. Whether or not people will get used to this will be the main question.

Here we are at the main screen. Not unlike iOS, BB10 give a nod to both Android and iOS offering tile like interface while having the ability to swipe to view widgets.

Number dialer, here we can see more of the new graphics work that has gone into the interface. I for one think it is a fresh approach to aging skeuomorphic of iOS, the ultra utilitarian Android or the child-like Windows Phone 7.

RIM's hidden gem perhaps? This looks very much like Siri.

A Skeuomorphic looking calculator, oddly very similar to iOS versions.

The ability to edit documents in BlackBerry has always been one of its strengths before the iPhone came along. We see here that this has remained the same.

A very fresh redesign of the clock. Two thumbs up! Never seen a more beautiful clock in a smartphone yet.

Time zone interface looks bold yet refreshing

Again, RIM's graphics department doesn't disappoint when it comes to taking risks and trying a potentially boring approach.

Very similar to a Swiss clock which Apple paid $21 million in royalties to use. 

A very sexy and 3D compass.