2013 State Of the Union LIVE: Obama Competes With Rubio For Spotlight


On Tuesday, February 12, President Obama will address the nation in his fourth State of the Union address. Despite the polarizing mood on immigration and the economy, the SOTU will give him an appropriate venue to see where we are as a nation. Traditionally, State of the Union addresses has been used as a method for a president to speak directly to the people as well as gaining support for domestic issues. Sources close to the president have said that the main focus of the upcoming address will focus on a return to the fundamentals such as jobs and the middle-class.

Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who has been put forth as the up-and-coming face of the new Republican leadership will be delivering the Republican response (in both English and Spanish) to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Republican elites hope to avoid the awkward SOTU response given by Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s the last time. To further complicate matters, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul will be reiterating the Tea Party response thereafter.