Obama SOTU Speech: Social Media Galore!


The SOTU 2013 will not only be an appropriate place for Congress to come together (let's just hope Ted Nugen plays nice tomorrow) and hear President Obama discuss the state of the nation.  But, the White House has prepped for months, working feverishly to put the finishing touches for tomorrow's event.  

Social media, has been one major component to connect the public to the president and the current administration. Not only will livestreaming of the speech be televised on multiple channels, but to make it more special, an "enhanced" feature will be made available alongside in real time which you can access here. It sounds really cool for policy wonks out there and I think works for our professorial president. On top of this, you can also watch the SOTU on White House apps on mobile devices. Or connect with the president on Google+, Youtube, Hulu,Facebook and Ustream. (err, is that a bit much?) 

Furthermore, after the SOTU, when Marco Rubio will be delivering the Republican response, White House officials will be holding a Q-and-A with 2,000 socially-connected individuals, dubbed "White House Social". They have been selected to watch the address live and ask questions in a panel discussion. 

Furthermore, as part of a new social media strategy to connect and share the SOTU experience, dubbed "Citizen Response", this new tool will allow viewers to select parts of the address and share with your friends or followers. 

Lastly, on February 14th, President Obama will be holding a Fireside chat-Google style where participants can ask questions directly to the president, regarding the SOTU. You can access the discussion here.