SOTU 2013: President Obama's Remarks


The theme seems to be bipartisanship.  Partners for progress.

Key topics:

Troops are coming home.

Businesses have created six million new jobs.

Auto sales up.

Less foreign oil than in 20 years.

Housing market is healing.

Stock market healing.

Stronger protections for consumers and homeowners.

The rubble of crisis has been cleared away.

The state of our union is stronger.

Objective: A rising and thriving middle class.

Concept: Work hard, meet responsibilities, you can get ahead.

The government working on behalf of the many rather than the few. 

The nations interests should come before party. 

Obama's theme seems to be on compromise and the elements I wrote about in my intiial post. 


2.5 trillion in deficit reduction already.  Through spending cuts and some taxes.  Half way towards the goal of 4 trillion in deficit reduction.