Dorner Dead: Sources Confirm Chris Dorner Almost Certainly Dead In Big Bear Cabin Fire (Details Here)


Christopher Dorner, the rogue ex-cop who has been waging a one-man war on the LAPD and California police for the past week, almost certainly perished in the blaze that consumed a Big Bear Lake cabin following a shootout with authorities.

Here's the details of what we know about Dorner's final hours:

- Authorities believe Christopher Dorner retreated to the cabin after being tracked by police to the area. A SWAT team approached the building and filled it with tear gas, which may have started the fire. Ammunition could be heard exploding in the building, which burned for two hours. Although there was a basement in the cabin, it seems unlikely it could afford enough protection for Dorner to survive.

- Reports of Dorner's death seem confirmed by the approach of civilian fire department vehicles to extinguish the fire, which would not be allowed if Dorner still posed a lethal threat.

- One deputy sheriff was killed today and another is wounded after exchanging gunfire with Dorner after he was spotted by Fish & Game wardens, say authorities. Neither deputy has been named, although an audio tape of the shootout was captured by CBS's Carter Evans.

- LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says the city's "hearts and prayers" are with the family of the deputy shot and killed today. "None of us can imagine" what the families threatened by Dorner "have had to go through," said the mayor in a press conference.

- Dorner allegedly tied up two female occupants of another cabin before stealing their car on Thursday. The victims called police after escaping, starting the localized manhunt which led to his probable death on Tuesday.