YouTube Harlem Shake Video: Watch the 13 Best Harlem Shake Versions


The 'Harlem Shake,' the latest viral online phenomenon started by YouTube comedy vlogger Filthy Frank, inspired in the 1980s dance "Albee," and reinvented using the 2012 track by Baauer, is already being compared to PSY's wildly popular 'Gangnam Style.'   However, while 'Gangnam' relies on an overproduced video, the Korean pop sensation's larger-than-life persona and a carefully designed and rehearsed choreography, the 'Harlem Shake' recovers internet's true virality by relying on user-generated videos in which raw fun is what matters. See for yourself:

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1. "Original" Version: 

2. Version 1:

3. Version 3 (Office Edition):

4. Original Army Edition:

5. The Harlem Shake V2:

6. UGA Men's Swimming and Diving Edition:

7. Speedboat Edition:

8. Firefighter Edition:

9. KSLA News Edition:

10. Peanuts Edition:

11. Jimmy Fallon Edition:

12. U.S. Marine Edition:

13. Barack Obama Edition: