YouTube Harlem Shake Video Reaches 1 Billion Plays


'Harlem Shake,' the viral online video meme, inspired in the 1980s New York City dance, and danced to French electronic music artist Bauer, has reached the magic 1 billion YouTube hits in just 40 days — according to Mashable

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If, by now, you're not familiar with the war cry, "con los terroristas!" ("with the terrorists!"), followed by a set of goofy dancers — some of them covered with crazy helmets and masks, and some with few clothes or no clothes at all — then you're missing out.

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However, just like 'Gangnam Style,' and any other popular meme these days, there are lovers and haters alike. And some even believe the new version doesn't do justice to the original urban dance. Nonetheless, the dance seems to be here to stay whether we like it or not (at least, until the next meme comes along).