YouTube Utah Plane Crash Landing Video: Man Records Wife's First Fly — and Crash Landing


YouTube user Jonathan Fielding was on a flight over Utah with his wife Kara, her mother and his seven-month old son, Jacob, earlier this month. The flight was a birthday gift for Kara, a first time flyer.

After receiving news that the plane's carburetor had iced over and the pilot was preparing to make a crash landing, Jonathan grabbed his cellphone and started filming.

On the YouTube video, Jonathan writes in the description section that when they first heard the news from the pilot:

My [Jonathan's] initial reaction was shock and fear. There was an incredible feeling of calm and peace with swept over all of us as we all said our own silent prayers in our heart. It was in that moment as I tried to recall any sort of ill or uneasy feeling before the flight, any kind of 'warning' feelings that I get sometimes to warn me away from when something really bad was going to happen, you know that 'inner feeling'. After I realized that I never once got a bad feeling of warning I knew in that moment that we were going to be ok. I knew that God was watching over us and protecting my family. We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we've been taught to listen to those feelings because they are sent from God.

Jonathan also writes that "the only tragedy" of the story was that the pilot, a family friend of Jonathan's wife who provided the flight as part of Kara's birthday arrangement for free because of his "good heart," forgot to renew his insurance on the plane and it lapsed the night before the flight — just 13 hours earlier. Despite losing a "$40k plane in a matter of 13 hours," Jonathan writes that the pilot is "still happy and cheerful despite his loss."

The description Jonathan provides gives a deeper insight into the situation, but the actual video gives viewers a first-hand perspective. See for yourself: