Harlem Shake YouTube Video: Watch the 13 Best Harlem Shake Versions


The "Harlem Shake," internet's latest and wildest popular meme, continues to rage and rack up YouTube views by the millions, despite some haters decrying the goofy and well-spirited fun dance as "too mainstream" and even "ruined by internet gentrification."

The 1980s-inspired dance, popularized by countless user-generated videos, has become an online staple recreated by college students, soldiers and just average trolls nation and worldwide. And now, even NFL draft prospects and Chinese grandmothers have jumped on the Harlem Shake bandwagon to form these other 13 best Harlem Shake versions (click here to watch the 13 Best "Harlem Shake" Versions Part 1).

1. NFL Draft Prospects (Feat. mati Te'o):

2. Chinese Grannies Version:

3. Florida Gators Edition:

4. Black Edition (NSFW):

5. Portland Edition:

6. Puppy Edition:

7. University of Guelph Edition:

8. Laundry Edition:

9. Matt and Kim Edition:

10. Nintendo Version:

11. KU Basketball:

12. Tennesseee Swiming:

13. Grumpy Cat (No) Edition: