Seth MacFarlane Oscars Host: How Will He Do?


Will Seth MacFarlane succeed as this year's Academy Awards host? PolicyMic pundit Pete D'Alessandro weighs in on the five steps you need to take to become the best host you can be. According to D'Alessandro: 

Over the last few years, the job of Oscar hosting has been derided as a no-win position. The ridicule usually seems to outweigh any positive attention the host might get. Hosting the Oscars does not lead to getting your own sitcom or launching new movies (but I’d still do it if they asked me to). 

When it comes to Oscar ceremony reviewing, the Monday gossip rags typically go over a few awkward moments, some jokes that didn’t go over so well, and whether or not you’ve had plastic surgery.

So how do you turn this unenviable job into something that will entertain the audience and simultaneously enhance your own celebrity image?

Check out the five steps here, and let us know if you think Seth MacFarlane will do the job.