Seth MacFarlane Oscars 2013: Cursing is OK


In prepping up for the Oscar Award show tonight, here are some things you didn't know about Seth MacFarlane. 

Full Name: Seth Woodbury MacFarlane

Family roots: Seth MacFarlane's ancestors were on the Mayflower according to Parade Magazine.

Break-out to Hollywood: While Seth had always known that he'd wanted to be an animator (at age 9, he earned $5 a week for the local paper, penning his own comic strip), his big break came from being hired at Hanna-Barbara (remember the Jetsons?) after the work completed on his senior thesis. 

(Seth MacFarlane, age 3. He was already focused on cartooning as a career.)


At age 24, he sold The Family Guy and was the youngest person to run a network. 

If you'd ever watch The Family Guy, you'd know that this show isn't exactly averse to cursing, violence, religion and minorities. We see similar elements in American Dad (love this show!). What is interesting is that growing up, Seth's childhood were pretty laidback and cursing was allowed. The tv stayed on during dinner and off-color jokes were not prohibited.

I guess, it's an 'artful' way to express oneself and fortunately for Seth, it works. 


Here's Seth's family and they've come to show their support for him. Now I know where the inspiration for Peter Griffin's father in Family Guy came from....his sis does the voice for Hayley in American Dad.