Oscars Red Carpet: LIVE


We are starting off with the Red Carpet, the part of the night where we will judge some of the most beautiful people in the world very harshly to make ourselves feel better. 

First off, the reporter is talking about skin treatments for movie stars. On and on about skin treatments. Come on, let's talk about something else, like nails or hair [sarcasm]. So far no celebrities that I really recognize.

Apparently, Seth McFarlane like Frank Sinatra; no surprise if you have seen his shows.

Yes, nothing but butter-trolls walking that carpet. Beautiful, well-dressed butter-trolls [joking].

Finally, someone who makes movies I like: John Lasseter. There's no doubt that he will walk his way to the Oscar for Best Animated Feature: Brave and Wreck-It-Ralph are the big frontfunners in that category. I liked Rise of the Guardians more, but that film was not nominated this year. 

Jessica Chastain and Zoe Saldana were wearing beautiful dresses.

Gael Garcia Bernal has revealed his preparation for the Oscars: he gets drunk two nights before the event. 

Aah, I can't get mad at the Oscars when Quvenzhane Wallis is being childlike and energetic. Most of the people she likes are from the animated films. Me too, Quvenzhane, me too!

Snooze-fest, snooze fest, snooze fest.