Adelle's Rendition of Skyfall; Lincoln Wins Best Production Design


Adelle gives a rendition of Skyfall. It was pretty good, about what I expected of her. It was a little too close to the trailer rendition, and I hope that it wasn't lip-synced, for her sake. Otherwise the media hounds are going to attack her.

My original prediction was that Life of Pi was going to win Best Production Design, just edging Anna Karenina, in my opinion. 

Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart present the award in Best Production Design. As McFarlane pointed out, they are everything that is wrong with Hollywood today (I agree with half of that).

The Academy Award for Best Production Design goes to:


Huh? Okay sure, why not? That's interesting. At least Lincoln had competent artistic direction, just not what I would consider the best of this year.