S.E. Cupp: "Millennials Brainwashed By Democrats’ Cool Charisma"


Pointing out that she gives 50% of her income to local, state, and federal governments each year in taxes, conservative commentator S.E. Cupp (33) offered caution to millennials whom she says are brainwashed "by Democrats' cool charisma" during a February 26 NBC broadcast:

“My advice, save up. It's getting outrageously expensive to be you.”

Describing America's young adults as "independent go-getters," Cupp suggests that society should reward the millennials' tendencies. Cupp says that millennials are not lazy, apathetic, or looking for handouts. Rather, "they're starting their own businesses" and "attempting to solve problems." She says that Republicans should grasp that millennials represent "fertile grounds to advocate for lower taxes."

Meanwhile, a number of news outlets report that House Republicans are meeting this week with a group of millennials. Buzzfeed reports:

"The dialogue will be held off-the-record, but lawmakers said Monday that their goal is to reset the perception among young voters that Republicans don't share their policy priorities, or communicate them in the same way. Republicans have long sought — with mixed results — to make the case that their plans to restructure entitlements are aimed not at slashing the programs but at preserving them in some form for younger voters, and House Republicans believe they should be making it more forcefully."

Adam Kinzinger, a 34-year-old Illinois Republican and former Air Force pilot, said that millennials are "legitimately a very optimistic generation. We have to start selling what we're talking about from a position of optimism."

Kinzinger will join Representatives Paul Ryan, 43 (R-Wis.), Jaime Herrera Beutler, 34 (R-Wash.), and Aaron Schock, 31 (R -Ill.) in the discussion with young adults.

With the majority of voting millennials leaning left politically and having chosen Bill Clinton as the "best president" in their lifetime, Republicans are likely taking an important step toward connecting with the 80 million member generation. As Cupp pointed out in her broadcast, by 2020 millennials "will account for 1 out of every 3 adults."