Biden Shotgun Advice: Shooting Through Door Suggestion Totally Ridiculous


Vice President Joe Biden recently suggested that if we have to use a gun for protection, we use a shotgun (not an assault rifle) and just shoot through the door. Oddly enough, a 22-year-old Virginia man was charged for doing just that a couple of days prior to Biden's statement, showing us how much the VP knows about arms safety and rules.

The error made in suggesting we could own an actual assault rifle (selective fire being a deal breaker) is lost on those not familiar with this particular type of firearm. These statements are inaccurate, insulting, offensive, and suggest committing felonious behavior.

Those who are against using a firearm as a defensive tool, have suggested, if we feel threatened, to urinate or vomit on ourselves, learn judo  or use a ballpoint pen.

Based on these statements, and using the reasonable person standard, and being a reasonable person, if I feel threatened, it is suggested I defend myself, by urinating on myself, shooting through my front door with a shotgun, vomiting and then in complete comic fashion taking a "B" grade movie pose of one with martial arts proficiency while holding a pen in one hand.  

This scenario sounds like version of a satirical and twisted Hollywood movie script.  Unfortunately, these are the instructions of ostensibly intelligent and educated elected representatives who supposedly have their finger on the pulse of our nation or the trigger in this case. We entrusted these people to regulate our actions through legislation for the health, safety, and welfare of all Americans. Their reasoning comes from a place far removed from the reasonable person. 

The VP is backed up by an elected female, Carolyn McCarthy, with the reasoning that the assault rifle is too hard for a female to handle.  


Females who shoot the AR15 style rifle, find these comments absurd. One of the reasons this style rifle has maintained its dominance as the rifle of choice in the U.S. military, law enforcement and security agencies, is the accuracy, adaptability and ease in shooting

Testimonials, videos and personal references to the ease of shooting this style rifle fill volumes. Unlike the politicians my personal experience is that of all the firearms which could be considered difficult to handle, this is one of the softest shooting long guns. In addition, the Gun Girls agree with me.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) have certainly tried to disarm us. These elected female politicians seem intent on placing other females in positions of subservience, perpetual helplessness and a distinct disadvantage to protect or defend themselves.

Their fight to reach their positions included breaking through glass ceilings. Because of their success, they should serve as paladins women want to emulate. After their success, they replaced those ceilings with bulletproof glass between them and all other American women.

Their actions equal egregious betrayal. Their ignorance of the subject matter and irrational comments are degrading to all women but especially to those who serve in law enforcement and armed forces. Logic would suggest that politicians could not be experts on everything they legislate. However, rational thought before suggesting stupidity or criminal behavior seems a reasonable expectation from the common person.