Kathleen Wade

I am alive & aged to where I consider myself in possession of a patina. It has been polished by rising to challenges & meeting them head on. I have dents, scars & a crooked demeanor. I am somewhat over educated for my daily requirements & undereducated for my queries. I believe that the meek inherit the crap & my life's motto is "Adapt, improvise, overcome and if all else fails - walk it off". I have never been lost & I always know where the 4 corners of the earth are sitting - some days I just don't care. I have forgotten much - I have to assume it was not worth remembering. I have never quit - but many times wondered why. I embrace my dark side & I do not live my life believing that a fairy tale is a forgone conclusion. I question most people's beliefs & reasoning & wish they would too. I believe everyone is weird - some are just more interesting than others. I hug both trees and firearms.


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