Mitch McConnell 'Harlem Shake': Mask Of Senate Minority Leader Placed in Dance Video


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's reelection campaign just got more interesting, as his team posted a video Tuesday of a bunch of college students dancing to the "Harlem Shake."

Given the dance song's popularity (which I don't fully understand, but whatever) online and beyond, yet another "Harlem Shake" video getting uploaded to the internet shouldn't shock anyone.

This one was different, not to mention unexpected. In the clip, someone is wearing a mask of McConnell's face. Campaign manager Jesse Benton told CNN of the video, "We are putting it out because we plan to work hard but also plan to have a lot of fun."

And boy, does it look like they had quite a good time:

Happy Wednesday, right? Many have argued this is a blatant attempt to compete with actress Ashley Judd, whom McConnell is up against in the 2014 Senate race. Was this his way of trying to be hip and cool and outdo the big name celebrity? Better yet, was this the right way for him to even do that? Is he going to snag any of her votes by getting some random dude to dance up a storm on YouTube?

I thought the video was corny at first. Then I saw this one, put out by the Minnesota Timberwolves: 


What do you think, PolicyMic-ers? Which one is better?