Gun Control: Small Town in Maine Proposes Mandatory Gun Possession to Residents


In Byron, Maine, a mandatory firearms possession article is said to be favored by all three Byron selectmen and expected to be passed by residents, according to Head Selectman Anne Simmons-Edmunds.

The article, presented to the people at the town meeting on Monday night asks, "Shall the town of Byron vote to require all households to have firearms and ammunition to protect the citizens?”

“We’re fed up,” said Simmons-Edmunds, also a Dixfield police officer. “Unlike Sabattus, we’re going to pass it.” In Sabattus, resident David Marsters proposed the ordinance in that town, but selectmen there declined to put it before the people on Tuesday.

Simmons-Edmunds deduced that just about every household in the Byron community, with a population of just 140 probably has at least one firearm.

According to Simmons-Edmunds, the town even had a resident who received a federal permit to own a machine gun, because he enjoyed shooting it. Since that resident passed away, Simmons-Edmunds is unaware if the weapon has been passed down to his son. Another Byron resident legally owns a .50-caliber machine gun, also known as an M2 Browning.

“We’re trying to prevent someone from coming into our town and trying to restrict our rights,” Simmons-Edmunds said. “It’s time to tell the government, ‘Enough’s enough. Quit micromanaging us.’”

If voters pass the article, it would not mean that the town would enforce it by checking every household to ensure residents legally own a firearm, Simmons-Edmunds said. So that's good.

The next town meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 11, in the Coos Canyon Schoolhouse.