Have No Fear – The GOP Will Win in 2016


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The liberal – sorry, "progressive" – elites love to talk about the fictional death of the Republican Party; truthfully it helps them rest their minds easy. What these observers fail to understand when assessing the Grand Old Party's future is the nature of both ideology and conservatism.

In essence, liberalism, in the sense that the Democrat Party understands it, is the rapid change of the public sphere to encroach on the private sphere. Conservatism, however, is a reactionary response to liberalism, which endeavors to shrink government and move toward a desired future with a bias toward the past: trying to keep the private and public spheres separate, with the latter being as small as possible.

Thus, there will always be conservatism. Truthfully, I would be more worried to ascribe to ideological liberalism. The propensity to put forth policies rapidly can invite more danger to the future of a party, than does the propensity to move forward more slowly. 

Article originally appeared on the Huffington Post.