The April 50 Under 30 Challenge Gets Its First Writer


Yesterday, PolicyMic launched it's first-ever special recruiting push for the month of April to bring in 50 of the smartest millennial thinkers under the age of 30.  Today, the April 50 Under 30 Challenge proudly introduces Katie McHugh, the first of our brilliant applicants to be accepted to our program. She won us over in her application post, "How to Foster Dialogue (For Real)." 

Katie, we tip our hat to you!

About Katie: She is a senior about to graduate from Allegheny College. This year, she'll join the Daily Caller as an associate editor after receiving a fellowship from the Collegiate Network. Katie's favorite journalist is G. K. Chesterton. 

PolicyMic would love to get YOU involved in this challenge. If you’re brand-new to PolicyMic, apply to become a one of April's 50 new writers. Deadline: Monday, April 29. Email Caira Conner ( (Subj: April 50 Under 30 Challenge) with the following:

- Resume + Section you want to write for (Politics, Culture, Feminism)

- A short post in which you teach us something you’re awesome at doing. HINT: Be as creative as possible!

If you're already one of our Pundits, tell your friends and colleagues who you think would be interested in writing for us to get in touch!  Refer 5 new friends who get accepted into the April 50 Under 30 Challenge, and we’ll make you a PolicyMic Expert, do extra promotion of your articles on social media, and spotlight you as a Pundit of the Week.

Stay tuned for updates on on the April 50 Under 30 challenge and the outstanding new members of the PolicyMic community!

For more news on Katie, follow her on Twitter: @k_mcq