Pasha P183 Dead: 8 Amazing and Ironic Works From the "Russian Banksy"


The street artist popularly called the "Russian Banksy" by the media, but self-titled as Pasha P183, has apparently stopped living. He made 29 trips around the sun.

It's unclear how or why or where — but if accurate, one thing is certain: this sucks.

P183 was defiantly creative and beautifully blunt all at once. He fully embraced these two powerful characteristics that seem to be in the midst of ice-cold slumps at the human creation factory.

Now, I won't put on my hipster glasses and pretend like I knew of P183 before everyone else did. Frankly, Google taught me a lot about him today. Like, his street art was incredible.

Here are some of his more meaningful pieces of work, as well as a few of his ostensibly meaningless pieces. Because, ya know, not everything has to mean something all the time:

1. Glasses:

This is his most famous artwork. It's appropriately called "Glasses" — according to his website. Simple. Smart. It makes guerilla ad agencies the world over drool with envy.

2. Pirates:

Be amazed at the creation of this submarine art. Seriously, it's genius. And it exists in nowheresville Russia for all I know. Not in the Louvre or some MOMA building in Seattle, it exists perfectly in its perfect space.

3. New Year's Eve:

This gem looks more like a Christmas-y piece to me, but Google translates the title as "New Year's Eve." That's fine. I still get it. I'm still moved. She's hanging ornaments on the barbed wire of a prison or nuclear facility or something. 

4. Advertising:

The video is peculiar, but the message is clear: P183 was no friend of advertising. What's really brilliant about his work is placement. Take note of the how cleverly he positions the cardboard cutout near the sewer drain. 

5. True to the Truth:

This one features full-size decals of cops in riot gear stuck to glass doors entering some place. There's a note that calls this piece out as a reminder of 8/19/91, which Google reveals to be the date of a failed coup d'détat by Russian communist folks. Your guess is as good as mine.

6. Angels:

Angel wings at a bus stop. Pretty self-explanatory. What's ironic here is the Burger King ad looming like Dr. Eckleburg's eyes in The Great Gatsby.

7. Brick:

You guys, it's a floating brick.

8. Autumn:

If I had to guess, I'd say this piece spells out "autumn" in Russian.

Thus, the "Russian Banksy" is gone. How will he be remembered? I have no idea. But take a few moments to appreciate his genius. Sagely nod. Feel a feeling. Think existentially.

Then move on with your day and life. And be good.